The Welfare State has Failed

Sitting here in the ER for nearly ten hours now, it’s hard not to contemplate our public health system and come to the conclusion that we, as a society, have utterly failed to maintain the welfare state ideals of the 70’s. How did we get to this point?

Soundcloud page (and new songs!)

I created a SoundCloud account to host my music.

Lonely Neutrino

Completely another song today. This one is continuing an experimentation with actual musical hardware, combining a Behringer Neutron and a Korg Volca FM.

Three new songs

Isolation has its upsides.

Quelques pensées à propos de la pandémie

Au moment où j’écris ces mots, ma grand-mère est à l’article de la mort, coincée dans un CHSLD complètement débordé, privée de la présence réconfortante de sa famille et, souffrante d’un stade avancé d’Alzheimer, incapable de comprendre ce qui se passe. Ce n’est qu’une question d’heures avant que la COVID-19 ne clame une nouvelle victime.

Spaced Out Dracula

Still swimming in the realm of music production, this is my new song, “Spaced Out Dracula”.

A Great Wrongness - a song

I’ve recently started dabbling into DAWs and computer-driven music production. I got myself a little Arturia Minilab mkII MIDI controller and began to mess around with the packed-in Ableton Live Lite software. This is my first result, a little song I named “A Great Wrongness”!

Porting Wwise to the web

Last June, Audiokinetic sent me to Seattle to attend the W3C Workshop on Web Games. While I was there, I gave a short talk on our experience in porting Wwise to the web platform using Emscripten.

Emerging from 2018

2018 was a rather special year. It was the first year I spent as a father of two. It was the year I finally decided to jump ship and try new challenges professionally. And it was definitely the most psychologically exhausting year I have ever lived.

Ten years

This week marks the completion of my tenth year at Turbulent as a software programmer. It also marks the completion of my tenth year as a software programmer, period. Time to reflect on that period a bit.

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