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Critique de livre: Le Sang de Mirial

★☆☆☆☆ 1 / 5 Personnages fades, histoire clichée, et en plus il s’agit d’une traduction de l’anglais malgré une auteure francophone. Passez votre tour. Fiche Technique Auteur(e): Marie Bilodeau Éditeur: Alire ISBN: 9782896151424

Lonely Neutrino

Completely another song today. This one is continuing an experimentation with actual musical hardware, combining a Behringer Neutron and a Korg Volca FM. As is often the case, the title is inspired by the book I am currently reading: The… Read More »Lonely Neutrino

Three new songs

Isolation has its upsides. Three new songs today. Still learning the ropes, but they get better. They are all worth a least one listen, otherwise I would not upload them! Evasion First up is Evasion, an 80’s, John Carpenter-style action… Read More »Three new songs

Spaced Out Dracula

Still swimming in the realm of music production, this is my new song, “Spaced Out Dracula”. It’s dark ambient but with a little whimsical streak. This one was produced entirely with Ableton Live Lite instruments, other than the voice of… Read More »Spaced Out Dracula