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Critique de livre: Le Sang de Mirial

★☆☆☆☆ 1 / 5 Personnages fades, histoire clichée, et en plus il s’agit d’une traduction de l’anglais malgré une auteure francophone. Passez votre tour. Fiche Technique Auteur(e): Marie Bilodeau Éditeur: Alire ISBN: 9782896151424

Lonely Neutrino

Completely another song today. This one is continuing an experimentation with actual musical hardware, combining a Behringer Neutron and a Korg Volca FM. As is often the case, the title is inspired by the book I am currently reading: The… Read More »Lonely Neutrino

Three new songs

Isolation has its upsides. Three new songs today. Still learning the ropes, but they get better. They are all worth a least one listen, otherwise I would not upload them! Evasion First up is Evasion, an 80’s, John Carpenter-style action… Read More »Three new songs