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Lonely Neutrino

Completely another song today. This one is continuing an experimentation with actual musical hardware, combining a Behringer Neutron and a Korg Volca FM. As is often the case, the title is inspired by the book I am currently reading: The… Read More »Lonely Neutrino

Spaced Out Dracula

Still swimming in the realm of music production, this is my new song, “Spaced Out Dracula”. It’s dark ambient but with a little whimsical streak. This one was produced entirely with Ableton Live Lite instruments, other than the voice of… Read More »Spaced Out Dracula

A Great Wrongness – a song

I’ve recently started dabbling into DAWs and computer-driven music production. I got myself a little Arturia Minilab mkII MIDI controller and began to mess around with the packed-in Ableton Live Lite software. This is my first result, a little song… Read More »A Great Wrongness – a song