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Three new songs

Isolation has its upsides.

Three new songs today. Still learning the ropes, but they get better. They are all worth a least one listen, otherwise I would not upload them!


First up is Evasion, an 80’s, John Carpenter-style action song. This one was a real struggle. I started out with a pretty awesome main loop, but I think I failed to turn it into a solid, fleshed-out song. At some point I just forced myself to finish it and just let it go. Still, I think it’s good enough to put up here.

Just Chill

Just Chill is, well… the genre is in the name. This is my best one so far. It just flows. I started and completed it in a single day. On a new DAW too; this was first try on Presonus Studio One. Really proud of that one.

Dans le noir des yeux

Dans le noir des yeux is barely a song; its place would be most fitting as a sort of interlude in a concept album. I wrote it in one evening and it’s barely produced. This was a first experiment with the Behringer Model D.

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